Shout Outs

“I’d like to describe my wonderful experience in working with New Life Real Estate to help us sell a home. We had a somewhat unique situation in that my elderly mother was selling her home and I had to handle the transaction on her behalf via a power of attorney. I live out of state and had to do everything via phone, email and overnight express mail. Further, the home was in need of some TLC and, due to our situation, it had to be sold “as is.” This was challenging because I had no way of knowing what market conditions were like in Arizona so I had no idea of how to price the home; I also didn’t know how to go about getting the deal closed with me out of state and signing under a power of attorney.

Cathy Vaivao was great to work with and they didn’t flinch when they learned about our unique situation. Instead, they took the time to present a thorough market analysis so I could derive a fair listing price. They also took extra care to review all the documents and contracts with me and then recommended a great escrow company to handle the closing (since i was out state, the last thing I wanted was things delayed because of a silly paperwork issue).

We listed the property on a Friday, had the deal in contract by the following Tuesday, and it closed two weeks later! My mom got a very fair price and it went through closing without a single hang up or problem.

In my opinion, they really know their market and their business of assisting clients with buying or selling real estate!”

– Joe D.